Ladybin Auto

Contemporary automatic feminine hygiene unit

Product Code: LAD BIN HST AUT

Ladybin is a 23-litre feminine hygiene unit which offers maximum waste holding capacity with minimal floor obstruction. The unit can be used for liner exchange service and is available in manual and electronic no-touch versions.

Ladybin Auto is an automatic robust unit made from high quality materials. It incorporates intelligent features to aid service and promote maximum hygiene while making the end user experience as pleasant as possible.


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Maximum hygiene

  • Available in electronic version for no-touch operation
  • Simple lines and smooth surfaces minimize dirt and dust traps
  • Flap easily removed for cleaning

For extra hygiene

  • Reinforced drawstring “easy closing” bin liners
  • Germicidal powder sachets

End user satisfaction

  • No visual contact with waste due to the angled flap

Ease of service

  • Convenient handle, allowing 4 bins to be carried at one time
  • Wall-mount bracket supplied with every unit to ease floor cleaning


Reinforced drawstring “easy closing” bin liners

  • Robust 275 gauge 70 microns thick bags
  • Unbreakable drawstring

Germicidal powder sachets

  • Inhibit microbial growth
  • Prevents offensive odor

Protective lid insert

  • Protects against soiling
  • Aids super-fast and hygienic service

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  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
Ladybin Auto Classic Carton 2 8.00 37 x 37 x 67
Euro Pallet Pallet 36 140 120 x 80 x 214
Ladybin Auto Designer Carton 2 8.24 37 x 37 x 67
Euro Pallet Pallet 36 145 120 x 80 x 214