Air Freshening

Kennedy’s range of air fresheners will ensure that whichever unit you choose, you will have a complete air freshening solution that is made for service, is effective, cost efficient and smells great. Our range includes fully programmable units in addition to air movement activated non-aerosol dispensers.

The Freedom in fragrance™ range of air freshener fragrances forms an integral part of our air freshening systems. Available in aerosol and sachet format, each fragrance counteracts both washroom and tobacco malodour.

Kennedy’s Freedom in fragrance™ air freshening fragrance range

  • All fragrances counteract both washroom and tobacco malodour
    Patented dual action neutralising agent for advanced malodour control
  • Safe formulations approved for use under EU regulations
  • Aerosols comply with 75/324/EEC & 94/1/EC, the Aerosol Directive and Amendment
  • Aerosols and Airplus consumables are labelled to comply with the Control of Labeling and Packaging Directive 1272 /2008.
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