Kennedy to exhibit at Tissue World in New Orleans from March 14-17

For the second year in a row Kennedy will be present at the Tissue World exhibition with its full range of paper tissue dispensers. With the addition of the Easyroll Ellipse centre pull paper dispenser Kennedy can now offer a full range of paper dispensers for conventional and Jumbo (JRT) toilet rolls, paper towel rolls (HRT), folded paper and centre feed paper rolls.

Reducing facilities` environmental footprint

The highlight of the line-up for this show will be the Paper POD with the Reserve System, an integrated patented stub roll loading mechanism, whereby a new roll can be loaded into the dispenser before the previous roll has been fully used. When the stub roll is fully depleted the mechanism transfers to the new full size roll.  As well as total utilisation of the stub roll which eliminates paper wastage, end-user satisfaction is enhanced by continuation of supply.

Paper roll compatibility options for every need

The POD has been designed to accommodate a large variety of paper roll types available on the market with diverse roll lengths, diameters, widths, and paper thickness. With its standard setting, the unit has been optimized for rolls with a core diameter of 38mm, a roll width of 250 mm and roll diameters up to 200 mm.  However for customers who may have specific paper roll requirements or would like to create locked systems for their paper only, Kennedy`s in-house team of Designers and Engineers are happy to offer tailor-made product adaptations.

Bespoke Design

Differentiation through dispenser design has been an important strategy for consumable manufacturers over the past few years. Kennedy has built up significant experience in OEM design and development over the years working with some of the biggest players in this field. From a bespoke cover design for the POD that visually integrates an existing product range to the design of a complete integrated range of washroom dispensers, Kennedy aims to provide a solution to every bespoke need.