Satin Ellipse – the new premium range from Kennedy

Kennedy’s new premium range of satin chrome dispensers are the perfect choice for luxury washrooms, with their elegant design and superior functionality.

Robust, timeless and luxurious, the range consists of hand washing, hand drying, toilet tissue, air freshening, sanitizing and feminine hygiene units. Effectively the new range covers all hygiene environments including business, healthcare and hospitality facilities, enabling business owners to offer their clients great experience.

The dispensers are designed with the service specialist in mind and are prized for high quality, elegance, ease of service and ultimate hygiene. Follow this link to see the full range of Satin Ellipse

The satin chrome gives the dispensers stainless-steel appearance and elegance. The durable lacquer finish eliminates visible fingerprints during use, resulting in simplified cleaning and maintenance, combined with a sleek and modern product design.

The satin dispensers are made with quality consumables for luxury washrooms. For more information and to place an order please email our sales team or call us on +44 (0) 1825 768141.