Green Credentials

Cotton roller towel cabinets continue to be an integral part of Kennedy’s hand drying product range and its business as a whole. Most importantly, cotton towels are extremely environmentally friendly compared to paper towel dispensers and electric, automatic hand dryers.

A life cycle analysis undertaken in 2006 by the Oko-Institut in Germany on behalf of The European Textile Supplies Association (E.T.S.A) proved that cotton roller towel cabinets outperform paper towel alternatives in six out of seven environmental aspects. Paper towels are a massive 150% more damaging to the environment than cotton roller towels.

In addition to traditional cotton based products we continue to introduce environmentally conscious products while having a re-engineering programme to make existing products ‘greener’. Examples include products which operate mechanically alleviating the need for electricity or batteries, reprocessed material use in dispenser manufacture wherever possible and product designs which increase battery life and reduce consumable consumption.

Kennedy acquired ISO 14001 environmental accreditation in the year 2000 and has a well established environmental management system in place. The company adheres to European regulations relevant to the manufacture and end of use of products.

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