Savona Ellipse Foam

Foaming soap dispenser with ultra-economical dose

Product Code: SPD SAV ELP FOA

The Savona Foam Ellipse foaming soap dispenser provides a large volume of foam in a single dose, making this an ultra-economical choice for hand washing.

Designed for all hand washing environments, the dispenser has a large 27 ounce/2000 dose cartridge and incorporates a number of service-friendly features.

As its name suggests, this soap dispenser has been designed to dispense foaming soap only.


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Maximum hygiene

  • Each cartridge comes with its own nozzle ensuring germ/blockage-free replacement
  • Soap has no contact with the unit and comes directly from nozzle to hand
  • Patented one-way valve prevents soap from returning to the cartridge

Reliability and durability

•Straightforward design and use of highly durable material
•Non-drip patented pump mechanism for foam soap
•Locking system to deter theft and guarantee content integrity

Ease of service

•Error-proof soap refill loading
•Hinged cover for operator convenience and speed of service
•Practical inspection window shows when a refill is required
•One security key for the whole Kennedy range

End user satisfaction

•Luxurious and rich feeling foaming soap lotion


Please note that life expectancy of both pump and nozzle will be dependent on frequency of use. These parts may need to be replaced during the life of the dispenser.

  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
Savona Ellipse Foam Carton 12 6.4 49.6 x 33.6 x 24.1