Easyroll Ellipse

Center pull dispenser

Easyroll Ellipse is a center pull paper towel dispenser for restroom, kitchen and hospitality environments. The unit accommodates any center pull paper roll 8 inches in diameter and 9 inches wide. Easyroll Ellipse comes with a patented adjustable tension ring, to create the right tension for paper types of different thicknesses to be dispensed in a controlled way.

The Easyroll Ellipse comes with a translucent blue cover that enables easy inspection of paper level and is water and dust resistant to keep the towel dry and clean. Due to high customers’ demand, we now have a new cover version in translucent white.

The unit can be secured with the standard Kennedy key or can easily be converted for keyless opening using the opening knob that is included with the product.

We also have two product versions that can accommodate perforated and non-perforated paper.

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Hygiene & image

  • Single-use hand drying dispenser
  • Sleek and modern design that integrates the Ellipse range
  • IP rated water resistant to protect paper from incoming splashes of water

Ease of service

  • Translucent cover allows for fast refill status checks by staff
  • Hinged cover for convenience and speed of service
  • One security key for the whole Kennedy range
  • A keyless button for areas where key locking is not necessary

Freedom and control of consumables

  • Takes center pull rolls of up to 8 inches in diameter and 9 inches wide
  • Patented adjustable tension ring system means controlled dispensing and minimal waste

The Easyroll has been designed for use with a wide range of center feed rolls available on the market. The unit will work with rolls with the following specifications:

  • Roll width: up to 230 mm
  • Roll diameter: up to 210 mm

A Standard 2-ply, perforated, 135 metre white paper roll is available from Kennedy

  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
Easyroll Ellipse Std. Plt. Carton Std. Plt. 2.3 52 x 27 x 33