Savona Ellipse Auto Soap

Electronic no-touch soap dispensers

The Savona Ellipse Auto range of dispensers provides an ultra hygienic solution for hand washing. Based on infra-red proximity technology combined with a fast dose delivery, this automatic soap dispenser delivers one of the most user-friendly no-touch soap dispensing experiences.
The Savona Ellipse Auto range encompasses two distinct versions – a foam soap and a liquid soap dispenser. These units are particularly suited to hygiene sensitive environments and are compatible with various cartridge sizes as well as a direct-fill bottle.

Thanks to its highly energy efficient electronic module, this soap dispenser takes just 2 individual D-Cell batteries to service up to 85 bottles of foam soap / 96 bottles of liquid soap, which means that your running costs are kept extremely low.
The dispensers are available with a selection of customized inserts or in Kennedy’s range of attractive finishes.

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Custom Insert


Reliability and performance

•    Optimized electronic module to reduce battery consumption and running costs: up to 35 bottles of 800 ml foam soap or 72 bottles of 1 liter liquid soap per battery set.
•    Quick-shot dose delivery system
•    Straightforward design and use of highly durable material
•    Locking system to deter theft and guarantee content integrity
•    The battery enclosure is secured using the standard Kennedy key
•    The pump “module” is a self contained, sealed unit
•    Non-drip patented pump mechanism for foam soap

A wide range of Auto dispensers to suit every need

•    Two distinct units for foam and liquid soap dispensing
•    Single use cartridge or direct fill bottle refills
•    Various refill sizes and a wide range of soap types
•    8 customized color/pattern design options to suit various environments
•    Available in Kennedy`s premium finishes

Ease of service

•    Low battery indicator LED on front cover
•    Hinged cover for operator convenience and speed of service
•    Practical inspection window shows when a refill is required
•    One security key for the whole Kennedy range

Maximum hygiene

•    Electronic no-touch unit for ultimate hygiene
•    Patented one-way valve prevents soap and bacteria from returning to the cartridge

  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
SAVONA ELLIPSE AUTO FOAM SOAP Carton 4 3.6 53 x 29 x 14