Z-fold paper towel dispenser

Prima is a single-sheet paper towel dispenser for hand drying.

Ideal for light to medium traffic environments, Prima is reliable, durable and features a unique paper towel tray designed to reduce consumable wastage. The unit aids service thanks to a number of intelligent features including a continual loading system to prevent paper shortage and a hinged cover for speed of service.

Prima is available in Kennedy’s full range of attractive finishes.

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white-finish grey-finish chrome-finish

Reliability and durability

  • Angled dispenser top to prevent cigarette burn damage
  • Locking system to deter theft and guarantee content integrity
  • Unique paper tray especially designed to minimize wastage

Hygiene & image

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Single use hand drying dispenser

Ease of service

  • Hinged cover for operator convenience and speed of service
  • Practical inspection window shows when a refill is required
  • Continual loading system preventing paper shortage
  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
Prima (Classic) Carton 4 5.52 50 x 39 x 32
Std. Plt. Pallet 120 184 120 x 100 x 172
Prima (Premium and Designer) Carton 2 2.87 38 x 31 x 31
Std. Plt. Pallet 120 190 120 x 100 x 202