Toilet Seat Wipes Dispenser

Product Code: WPD SCN TLT

Scintilla dispenses antimicrobial toilet seat wet wipes. The specially impregnated wipes are effective against bacteria found on toilet seats, are active against selected viruses and conform to European bacterial and fungicidal standards. Simple and effective, the toilet seat wipes are dispensed via a single wipe dispensing aperture to minimise waste.

Scintilla cares for the well-being and comfort of the end user. The unit is available in Kennedy’s full range of attractive finishes.

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Maximum hygiene

  • The wipes are active against bacteria (MRSA, VRE, Escherichia coli ESBL), yeast (Candida albicans) and viruses (Rotavirus, Vaccinia virus and enveloped viruses, including Hepatitis B and C, Influenza, H1N1 and HIV)
  • Wipes meet European standard EN 1275

End user satisfaction

  • No finger contact with dispenser: next wipe is systematically delivered
  • Flash drying for immediate use

Reliability and durability

  • Straightforward design and use of highly durable ABS material
  • Secure locking system to deter theft and guarantee content integrity
  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
Scintilla Carton 12 3 58 x 26 x 18
Euro Pallet 600