Fully programmable urinal & WC sanitiser

The Activa is a fully programmable sanitiser specifically created for service providers. A total solution for the effective prevention of scale and the control of bacterial growth and bad smells in urinals, WCs and their associated piping, Activa’s state of the art design makes it both flexible and practical.

The unit is available in Kennedy’s full range of attractive finishes. At the heart of the system is Bio-active, an advanced and highly effective 3 in 1 sanitising fluid based on natural ingredients. Bio-active neutralises malodour by preventing the formation of scale and controlling the growth of harmful bacteria.

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Easy programming

  • Large external LCD screen* for easy viewing and fast service
  • Integral minimal keypad for straightforward program selection
  • Just scroll and select. Activa’s intuitive software does the rest

Technology for choices

  • Range of personalized settings to suit any location
  • Unrestricted refill usage range – 2 to 24 per year
  • Quick program change*

Skilful service

  • Practical service intervals shown in weeks*
  • Optional screensaver* – choose screensaver to hide days left to next service
  • Error-proof, easy loading refill
  • Optional low battery alarms – visible or audible

End user satisfaction

  • Maximum efficiency in control of bad smells
  • A range of optional fixing kits for varying installation needs


*Patent applied features

  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
Activa Carton 4 2.8 26 x 26 x29